In appearance an amazingly abstract aberration, amalgamated as both an accident and anti-heroic. Advancing additional absurd affirmations apropos of appearances, I astound and amaze at the artistry of my actual aesthetic. As always I’m against agents of avarice and apathy, and all of those acquiescent among atrocities. I abhor the asinine acclamations of amoral agendas and antagonize, apprehend, and all out attack the appalling arrogance of artificial attitudes. Although awfully animated and alert I’m also assumed to not at all assuage angels and annihilate anguish amongst all of those abused. An amatory artist and above average aptitude amorously, alluring adults and adolescents alike asking to amplify arousal and alleviate all anginal ache. Advancing about altruism, ameliorating all affiliations, and always around to avail anyone, I’m not arrogant but in actuality an anomaly. Although to avoid anymore audacious alliteration allow me to introduce myself as Andrew :) Kik: Dreux11 Instagram: Dreux88 Twitter: @BelieveNHeRose

Got bored and thought I’d try more selfies when I got snuck up on by Winston

Bae isn’t texting me and y’all let my selfies fail


Some selfies featuring my new haircut, some funny faces, and collarbone

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Y’all ain’t know bout the african version doe

I like when african guys do that dance

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The Whitest Kids U’ Know x

no chill omg this is wonderful

Listen. Because they’re saying something here…

Saying a lot





ive never seen Titanic

thats cuz it sank


damn, she was thicc :/ rip


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You are not designed for everyone to like you.


waiting on some Serena Williams nudes to leak so I can be like…

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Sheeeeeit I’d eat a salad off a bitch ass with a light vinaigrette.

I don’t fuck around.

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I’m a black man and it’s time to be accountable. It’s always left to black women to do and say everything. I decided to make these an post them, where i live, and travel. I want to state that the language is of this area (chicagoland) an directed solely at young black men who live here so it maybe off putting to people not from here. with that said im not posting all of the fliers here. Feel free to save. print an post these at your convince. This is part of SEU Blackstorm project. More to come.. - Yumii

You can follow our progess and future events here.

these are dope. seen em in hyde park, need to be national. yall know how it feels to see a sign defining misogyny and with a black power fist on it when youre just walking down the street?? exciting as fuck

I’m gonna start posting these around campus.

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Some selfies featuring my new haircut, some funny faces, and collarbone



When Nickelodeon was more realistic 

OG Triple OG 

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Ok, so, I am giant nerd and when I got home tonight I thought it would be great to spend my evening mapping out CN original shows and their life spans from the past 20 years. 


Honestly I was curious if there was any pattern in style and content but all I found out was Ed, Edd, and Eddy was a BAMF of a show that lived forever.

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*casually asks crush when their birthday is so i can figure out their birth chart and see how to attract them and whether or not we’re compatible*

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