In appearance an amazingly abstract aberration, amalgamated as both an accident and anti-heroic. Advancing additional absurd affirmations apropos of appearances, I astound and amaze at the artistry of my actual aesthetic. As always I’m against agents of avarice and apathy, and all of those acquiescent among atrocities. I abhor the asinine acclamations of amoral agendas and antagonize, apprehend, and all out attack the appalling arrogance of artificial attitudes. Although awfully animated and alert I’m also assumed to not at all assuage angels and annihilate anguish amongst all of those abused. An amatory artist and above average aptitude amorously, alluring adults and adolescents alike asking to amplify arousal and alleviate all anginal ache. Advancing about altruism, ameliorating all affiliations, and always around to avail anyone, I’m not arrogant but in actuality an anomaly. Although to avoid anymore audacious alliteration allow me to introduce myself as Andrew :) Kik: Dreux11 Instagram: Dreux88 Twitter: @BelieveNHeRose

The opposite of albinism called melanism, a recessive trait where the skin and fur are all black. This is perhaps the most beautiful lion I have ever seen. I feel like they should make a Disney movie thats a prequel to “The Lion King” that focuses on Scar and Mufasa as children. This black lion could be their father, King Ahadi, which mates with a regular lioness and can account for Scars black mane 

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