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In appearance an amazingly abstract aberration, amalgamated as both an accident and anti-heroic. Advancing additional absurd affirmations apropos of appearances, I astound and amaze at the artistry of my actual aesthetic. As always I’m against agents of avarice and apathy, and all of those acquiescent among atrocities. I abhor the asinine acclamations of amoral agendas and antagonize, apprehend, and all out attack the appalling arrogance of artificial attitudes. Although awfully animated and alert I’m also assumed to not at all assuage angels and annihilate anguish amongst all of those abused. An amatory artist and above average aptitude amorously, alluring adults and adolescents alike asking to amplify arousal and alleviate all anginal ache. Advancing about altruism, ameliorating all affiliations, and always around to avail anyone, I’m not arrogant but in actuality an anomaly. Although to avoid anymore audacious alliteration allow me to introduce myself as Andrew :) Kik: Dreux11 Instagram: Dreux88 Twitter: @BelieveNHeRose

I see the comment I made upset quite a few people so I won’t explain myself, I’ll just say I’m sorry. I am aware that trans people do face more struggles put on them by society, maybe not to the fullest extent they do, but they still have them. If someone is willing to explain the struggle they have as a trans sexual in this world I’m more than willing to listen. I should have known better because as a black man in America I know what its like for being looked down on for simply being who I am, but being so does not excuse privilege I have over other groups of people so I can only imagine the struggle that they endure.

The reason why I wrote the comment because I knew the people that reblogged the comment personally and I was admittedly trying to troll them. I see I was successful and upset more people than I originally planned to. It is wrong because I wouldn’t like a head shot of me to circulate tumblr, people call me handsome, then some one try and shame me because my body is out of shape. Then to add to the fact saying that she was originally a male before she changed indicates she is somehow inferior and disgusting was even worse. Its her life and her body, as long as she isn’t hurting anyone with it I shouldn’t have a problem.

And finally to goddamazon I want to add a personal apology. We may have never met in real life but I do enjoy talking to you and blogging with you. You know my blog is merely for random things I think are fun and for talking to other people with similar interests. I have not intention of using it to shame an entire group of people with the weight of my own privilege. I may have unknowingly done some offensive things in the past but if from this point I do do something that is wrong or makes someone following me uncomfortable let me know. My page is supposed to be a happy place where people can see things they like or talk to me without fear of being judged. No ones perfect but that doesn’t excuse me from hurting other people. So not as another blogger, but as someone that considers you a friend, I’m sorry.

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