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In appearance an amazingly abstract aberration, amalgamated as both an accident and anti-heroic. Advancing additional absurd affirmations apropos of appearances, I astound and amaze at the artistry of my actual aesthetic. As always I’m against agents of avarice and apathy, and all of those acquiescent among atrocities. I abhor the asinine acclamations of amoral agendas and antagonize, apprehend, and all out attack the appalling arrogance of artificial attitudes. Although awfully animated and alert I’m also assumed to not at all assuage angels and annihilate anguish amongst all of those abused. An amatory artist and above average aptitude amorously, alluring adults and adolescents alike asking to amplify arousal and alleviate all anginal ache. Advancing about altruism, ameliorating all affiliations, and always around to avail anyone, I’m not arrogant but in actuality an anomaly. Although to avoid anymore audacious alliteration allow me to introduce myself as Andrew :) Kik: Dreux11 Instagram: Dreux88 Twitter: @BelieveNHeRose

I just want to take a moment to appreciate how much I appreciate the person that created that first picture because it means a lot to me. About 8 months ago my life was going out of control. For those of you that don’t know I lost my job, had my identity stolen, and I ended a relationship. I thought things were getting better when I got another job but got fired after a month because of some nonsense. I got really depressed because I felt like a failure. I stopped going out, I messed up everything I attempted, and it just seemed like a constant dark cloud was over my head. 

Then one day I saw this girl on tumblr solve a cube in under a minute and was really impressed. I said to myself “I wish I could do that” then decided I have nothing better to do so I bought a cube. It took a whole day but I eventually learned how to solve it. Soon I started doing it faster and began regaining my confidence. I started applying for jobs again then got called in for an interview with state farm. They asked about my resourcefulness for solving a problem and I told them how I learned to solve this rubiks cube. They even brought one in for me that I solved in roughly 3 minutes.

Now I have the job and start on Monday :) This just goes to show that things can get better if you believe in yourself and work hard. Life won’t always be perfect but you have to take inspiration where you can get it from and keep on moving. 

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